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The set is link may use it provided a link back is placed on the same
page where the graphics are displayed.  IT MAY NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY MANNER
TO MAKE  OTHER GRAPHICS.  Of course you do not have to lay out the page as I
have it shown, nor do you have to use all the pieces, buttons, etc.  You do NOT
have to use all four layers if you do not wish to.  If you really, really prefer
a SIDE BORDER. . .click here.  If you use the side border be sure to set up a
table aligned to the right of 85% to compensate for the border.  If you are not
sure how to set up side borders or triple layers please visit the tutorial pages.

The font is Saloon.

If you are interested in having alterations made to this set or
in customizing the set and having it removed from the sample inventory,
please see the DESIGN FEE page.

The Indian graphic is from a painting by Frederic Remington, ca 1909.

The wonderful midi is Distant Drums, copyright, by Elan Michaels you may visit
his site by clicking on his logo.

The tiles you need are below: