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"Return to the Source" © Gilbert Williams.  Used with permission.



This webset is called "Return to the Source" and it was created by Daydreamer's Designs.

It is offered for download as free linkware, subject to the Terms of Use of Linkware detailed below. Please read these Terms of Use before downloading any part of this webset.


This linkware set may not be altered in any manner whatsoever -- this 
includes re-sizing, cutting and pasting, sectioning for re-use as banners dividers or logos. No alterations whatsoever.

If you wish to use this webset you must use only the components of this set on any single webpage -- in other words, you may not "mix and match" components from different sets.

You may not use any part of this webset as email stationery, or to produce printed stationery of any kind, including letterheads, envelopes, note pads etc.

You may not use any part of this webset as a corporate or business logo, either on the internet or in printed stationery form.

You may not convert any part of this webset into Paint Shop Pro tubes.

You may not use any part of this webset to make virtual greeting cards or to adorn pages displaying virtual greeting cards.

You MUST provide a link to the Daydreamer's Designs website at, and to the website of any artist, visual, musical or otherwise, whose work appears as a part of the set. This information, together with suitable logos, is provided with every linkware set.

This webset is not for use by commercial websites, unless expressed written consent is given by the webset designer.

The graphics in this webset may not be redistributed in any form.




These 2 logos must be linked to the websites




Art Copyright © Gilbert Williams

Set Copyright ©Daydreamer's Designs 2001