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This set is free for use on personal sites, provided that you link back to using the matching logo at the bottom of the page.  

If you would like to use this set on a commercial site or want customized graphics to match, the prices are as follows:

Commercial Licenses


Commercial license (requires link back) $25
Non-linkback license $45
Exclusive license (set is removed from archive) $75

Customized Graphics 


Buttons -- First 5 are free, additional buttons: $3 ea.
Title Images -- (Company name, page header, etc.) $5 ea.
Banner Ads $15 ea.

If you are ordering customized graphics, please fill out the form below:


Email Address:

Button text: (separate using commas)

Title text: (separate using commas)

Banner Ad Text:


To make payments, please continue on to the online order form!  Please reference set# 132 when ordering.

Please email me with any questions.  Thank you!

Created:  1/9/01
2001 Andrea Beight